How does the system work?

Above each parking space, an ultrasonic senor is installed.

If a vehicle occupies a parking space, the ultrasonic sensor detects it and the space light changes from free to occupied.

This status change is captured by the embedded PC (data concentrator) and forwarded to the corresponding parking space display. These status changes can be sent to an optional system PC, which enables a graphical representation.

Interfaces to parking management systems are available on request. By means of an optional software (ReView), statistical analyses can be carried out.


What are the operating costs?

All our products are state-of-the-art solutions and therefore very energy-saving.

Please see the corresponding product folder/technical data sheet for the exact power consumption of our system components.

Our standard for illuminated signs is LED backlight.
This backlight saves at least 50% of energy costs compared to traditional fluorescent tubes. Moreover, there is no addional wiring required – 230 VAC cables to the individual signboxes are not necessary.


Is the system fail-safe?

We are probably the only manufacturer of parking guidance systems to use an embedded PC for the system process.
As this PC has no moving parts, the fail-safety is at the highest level.


Can dynamic signs be addressed?

As you can read in the product folders, we can produce and deliver any desired sign, whether it is static or dynamic.


Can the system be remote controlled?

Remote maintenance is possible from anywhere via the Internet.
Our system can detect errors and send error messages automatically on demand.


What wiring is required and how long may the cable be?

The following types of cable have to be used:

Between the bus users: A05VVO 4 x 1,5 (YM-O 4x1,5)
The cable needed between the external space lamp and the sensor is provided.