This space light can be considered the currently most highly developed product in this market segment. The multicolor SMD LED technology with an emitting angle of 120° offers superior visibility and low power consumption at the same time.
The aluminum pipes can be cut on the spot, allowing you to easily compensate the usual dimensional tolerances at construction sites with the highest flexibility possible.

The construction height can be anywhere between 36.5 mm and 6000 mm (1.437" and 236.220"), in one piece.

Because of the arrangement, brilliance and number of LEDs, it is possible to operate them at only approx. 25% of brilliance under the lighting conditions typical for parking garages.
As a result, power consumption remains extremely low and  the lifetime of components is enhanced even further.


Fast exchangeability, due to sophisticated plug-in system
Easy compensation of dimensional tolerances, thanks to the aluminum pipe system


Outstanding efficiency and low power  consumption with excellent light power
Extremely long lifetime of components


Appealing look, thanks to sophisticated PCB layout
The aluminum pipe system is optionally available in any standard RAL colors

Save time

Easy installation
The cable to the sensor is already equipped with the plugs on delivery


Transparent acryl glass with high resistance, PCB color: black
The SMD LED Technology allows for an emitting angle of 120°
Power consumption limited to max. 60 mA / 24 VDC, however only approx. 4 mA / 24 VDC are consumed during normal operation. Power consumption of double-sided installations is max. 120 mA / 24 VDC and approx. 8 mA / 24 VDC during normal operation.
Connector system quick installation/access - just plug in & you're ready
Dimensions 25 x 20 (0.984" x 0.787") + variable height = 36.5 mm to 6000 mm (1.437" to 236.220")
Weight 7.2 g (0.016 lbs) without aluminum pipe system incl. clear acryl glass cover
Heat-optimized PCB layout with increased LED distance

LED brilliancy (specifications per LED and 100% power)

Red 330-930 mcd
White 350-460 mcd
Green 1000-2000 mcd
Blue 350-460 mcd


The cable to the sensor can optionally be shielded
The aluminum pipe system is available in any standard RAL color, at a small extra charge.
Also available with double-sided LED installation

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