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Our LED symbols cover a wide range of possible symbols.
Please contact us for more details or if you have special requirements.


120° emitting angle made possible by the latest SMD LED Technology, therefore optimum viewing angle
Signposts are possible even with very low parking garage heights
Easy integration into third-party systems, even in the animated mode
Direction displays are rotatable by 90° or 45°


Due to the modern electronic design, an extremely low power consumption has been achieved.
Black SMD-equipped PCBs make expensive attachment board constructions and laborious backlight dispersal covers unnecessary

Save time

Easy choice of the mounting position, because of optimum viewing angle
Optimum usability via software
The woman and wheelchair symbols contain a 19-count matrix. Therefore, the direction and number of unoccupied spaces can be displayed without an additional counting display PCB.


Innovative SMD LED light symbols in two standard sizes
The SMD LED Technology allows for an emitting angle of 120°
Front side is splash-proof
Attachment board constructions and backlight dispersal covers are no longer necessary,  because of  the lacquered PCB layout and the SMD equipment
Unproblematic mounting in parking garages with low construction height
Weight between 86 and 140 g (0.190 and 0.309 lbs), depending on size and equipment
Long-life PCB layout with carefully selected components
Connector system for fast installation/access

Symbols "Wheelchair" & "Woman"

The customer decides, whether only the direction (rotatable by 45°), only the number or both in turns are to be displayed
The integrated counting display counts up to 19. An extension is possible by adding an additional counting display


Alternative LED colors available at extra charge.
Can be produced in different sizes and with new symbols

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